Excessive Support Tickets

There is an understanding that normal hosting support is around 1 to 4 tickets per year. Unless there are unforeseen issues with HardDriveHotel's equipment or planned changes such as migrations or server upgrades, these are the tickets we expect. Web hosting by definition is us holding your files for viewing by the public, and most tasks are done by the client in a user friendly environment (setting up emails, changing their files using ftp etc). The managed hosting service is for those that don't have the knowledge to troubleshoot issues within their website/email/dns and so on. Our control panel (cPanel) is one of the industries' top client panels for users to make their website their own and almost all issues can be resolved within it.
That said, there is no added service to the managed plans, the only difference is the number of tickets we would allow before putting a 'value' on un-necessary support requests.

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