Basic Dedicated Server Questions

Do you monitor my equipment?
Yes. We monitor your equipment 24/7 to verify that it is connected and functional. If we identify a problem, we will respond to it immediately. If we find that your server needs maintenance, we will contact you through emergency contact information that you provide to us.

Do you manage my server for me?
Our primary responsibilities are to maintain the equipment in good working order, provide a good network connection, and keep the operating system and installed programs (such as hosting account control panels, etc.) in proper working order. We also provide you with tech support in dealing with specific problems you may encounter.

Do you offer any enhanced server management services?
We can provide you with a range of active maintenance and support services. If you are interested in having us manage your server at this level, please contact us to discuss it.

Are there limits on what the server can be used for?
We have an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). You should review it before signing up for services.

Can I install other software on the server?
Yes. You are free to install other software on your server. The only limitation is that you cannot use the server in a way that violates our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

What about backup services?
Backup services are important. Many of our customers add a second hard drive to their servers and use it to make copies of their data and/or the entire contents of their primary drive. We also have remote backup options, including incremental backups, archiving, and much more. Please contact us for details.

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